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Exhaustively researched and hand selected

Upfire’s proprietary keyword research process brings clarity to keywords that if ranked better for, would make a meaningful difference in our partners bottom lines.
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Keywords and phrases that drive real business objectives

At Upfire, we believe in intent over volume any day of the week. I know, I know, you want to show up for keywords that can drive thousands of more users to your site, right? Well. Not exactly. What you really want is to drive more users to your site who intend to do business with you. Through our proprietary keyword research process, we will identify keywords that mean more revenue for your business. Period.

Think of a keywords like doors for your website. The more you rank for, the more ways users can enter. Make sense, right?

What isn’t measured, can’t be improved

At Upfire we believe in order to know where you are going, you first have to know where you are. That’s why we benchmark each and every keyword we work on. Our partners know exactly where they rank for a particular term from day one. We have a client dashboard that can be accessed 24/7 so partners can evaluate their rankings and keyword progression in real time. This way they are always in the know about the impact that our efforts are having on their traffic and more importantly their bottom line.

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Keyword research that sets the sail ⛵️ for long term success

When you work with Upfire, you don’t have to worry about ranking for keywords that nobody searches for.  We comb search data from multiple sources to ensure every keyword we rank is directly aligned with meeting our partners business objectives.


Heavily Scrutinized

Each keyword deemed to be of value to our partners business, is then more closely analyzed for monthly competition, current rankings, and market trends. We build a strong business case for every keyword we select, to ensure we can drive high intent users to our partners website.


Built For Scale

Choosing keywords that will matter to your business overtime is key. SEO is a long game, so your keywords strategy has to be aligned with that fact. Our keyword selection process helps our partners understand the kinds of things they need to rank for that will sustain their businesses for years to come.


The Halo Effect

The Upfire team creates content that optimizes for more than one related keyword at a time, maximizing exposure, and increasing the chances of getting chosen.

Connect your website with real users who intend to do business with you

Enjoy sustainable improvement in your search engine rankings.

Skyrocket your website’s SEO performance.

Achieve results that matter – leads and sales.

your visibility!

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