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UpFire helps Cannabis and CBD companies level up in the SERPS so they can smoke 💨 their competition.

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Permeate through the target market and cut through the noise with expert Cannabis and CBD SEO. Legalizing marijuana was a huge win for the industry, but it also created a highly competitive eCommerce market. As a result, every CBD or cannabis retailer must have a strong online presence to attract new business and serve existing customers.


Raise the website traffic you receive from search engines like Google and Bing.


Maximize ROI and decrease advertising costs by leveraging organic traffic.


Boost brand awareness and get noticed by more consumers online.

Tailored CBD & Cannabis SEO services

Securing a steady, continuous flow of organic traffic is paramount to escaping the paid advertising rat race. Upgrade your website authority and ranking power through SEO so that you can appear high above other brands on search results.

CBD & Cannabis SEO Consultation

Full-service CBD or Cannabis SEO

Appear in front of the target audience when your product is needed most. From keyword research to competitive analysis to content creation, we do it all. The UpFire SEO masters employ strategic processes and proven tactics to increase your prominence in search engine results.

Local Cannabis or CBD SEO

Rank high for local searches. We’ll increase your brand’s local online visibility by optimizing the website and other digital assets, such as Google My Business (GMB). That way, you’ll always appear for relevant search terms in your given geographical region.

CBD & Cannabis SEO Audit

Get a full SEO report so you can stop guessing what to do. We’ll audit your CBD or Cannabis website and provide recommendations to improve SEO outcomes. As certified SEO bosses we know what a struggling site needs to attract more visitors and convert them into customers.

Content Marketing

Apply a content marketing strategy that helps you meet consumers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. We’ll uncover highly-searched queries and produce optimized, keyword-targeted content to facilitate favorable actions (the cha-ching kind).

Get so lit that consumers can’t miss you!

SEO is the most effective online marketing strategy for CBD and cannabis brands seeking long-term success. Let us help you achieve sky high rankings by addressing on-page, off-page, and technical issues hindering search performance. We’ll figuratively set your website on fire so no one searching misses it.

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