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Let UpFire get your web pages and map listing to the top of SERPS with our contractor SEO service. We’ll optimize each page and take all additional steps necessary to maintain achievements.

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Thrive instead of Keeping your business afloat

Stop paying for leads on third party platforms, and instead make it easy for homeowners, and other contractors to find YOUR website online. People begin their search for contractors on search engines like Google and Bing. So your website must perform well in the search results. However, it’s not enough to appear among the search results since the top three ranking sites get the most click-throughs. Fortunately, SEO helps contractors bring their services to the top of search results and in front of the right audience. At UpFire , our SEO masters keep your business goals top of mind, ensuring audience needs are met in ways that also benefit the brand. We have the expertise and experience required to propel your success. And can work with practically any contractor, such as construction companies, painters, electricians, franchises, plumbers, etc.


Attract more potential customers to your business


Gain greater brand awareness


Decrease paid marketing costs by leveraging search engine traffic


Skyrocket your revenue and profits

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Kick your competitors to the curb

A massive number of clicks go to the #1 website in search engine results pages (SERPS). That means most people finish their search by clicking on the first organic result. With contractor SEO, you can implement an effective SEO strategy to knock the competition off that coveted number one spot. Let us help your business shine.

Contractor SEO Consultation

Local SEO

Ensure local homeowners and contractors in different trades can easily discover your business. We'll optimize every web page on your site and address on-site, including off-site search engine ranking factors. When local SEO is done right, companies win new customers daily.

Full-service SEO

Gain a more significant competitive advantage through great SEO. There are many elements concerning SEO – we know what they are and how each one affects rankings. Work with us to increase your website's visibility, attract more visitors, book more estimates, and close more projects.

SEO audit

Discover the issues preventing your pages from ranking high in the SERPS. We'll analyze and flag any SEO problems your site has, plus provide actionable solutions. You'll get a detailed report that'll serve as a roadmap for improving SEO outcomes.

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