Health and Wellness SEO Case Study

How Bridge to Balance Increased Online Leads by 1700 Percent

Bridge to Balance

Bridge to Balance is a telemental health services provider in North Jersey. The organization uses live video conferencing over a secure HIPAA compliant platform to provide its services, mainly counseling and therapy. Anyone with a computer, smartphone, or tablet can acquire services or speak with a person about their mental health through the Internet. Especially if they lack time, prefer not to travel, or don’t have options close to their home.

The Challenge

Bridge to Balance contacted us because they knew something was wrong with their online presence. Despite having a great website, the company wasn’t receiving enough inquiries. They needed help with SEO (search engine optimization) if the website was to start functioning as an additional source for leads.

Additionally, the company is in a highly competitive market that Google scrutinizes more harshly when evaluating pages. That’s because a lot of people rely on organic search to find fast, accessible, and accurate health-related information. So it’s important that what people find online will help them, rather than make conditions worse. These facts make ranking any website in the healthcare niche a challenge – one that we accepted.


The Upfire team was tasked with boosting client acquisition in every category of services that Bridge to Balance offers while accounting for its two locations.

The Solution

Upfire developed and executed an effective SEO plan, pairing aggressive digital footprint optimization with a geo-focused content strategy.


Landing Pages

We designed a custom SEO plan involving a combination of content, on-page, technical, and local SEO strategies. The content strategy focused on publishing high-quality content that would help solve common problems the target audience experience regularly. We optimized on-page content, ensuring relevant keywords were strategically placed and every metadata (what the user sees on search results) was optimized.


Technical issues

To concentrate gains and resources, we did not create separate GMB (Google My Business) listings for each location. Instead, we concentrated optimization on their main location while including the secondary office as an option for services.


Data & Local

We were able to establish credibility with Google and other search engines in as little as six months through a fully managed local SEO program. The program also included the use of social media as a way of boosting brand awareness.

All of the above actions yielded almost immediate improvements on the website’s rankings and organic click-through rates as measured in Google Search Console (GSC).

The Results

Organic traffic shot up by 2500 percent, and the number of pages ranking at the top of Google increased by 1400 percent. This resulted in a 1700 percent increase in online leads for Bridge to Balance. Aside from all that, local brand recognition increased, which was aided by the robust content strategy we put in place.

2500% 🔥

SEO boosted organic traffic by


Page-one rankings increased by


Map pack listings rose by

All of these gains occurred within six months, and we continue to help the company drive sustainable, long-term growth.

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