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Upfire SEO audits are an exhaustive investigation into your website in pursuit of building a winning SEO strategy.

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Upfire SEO Audits are not your run of the mill computer print out. We spend hours under the hood of your website getting a clear picture of where you stand. We evaluate technical issues, content, page speed, and competitors to design a plan that makes you a winner in your industry.   When do you need the Upfire SEO Audit?

Your present SEO strategy isn't working

You want to lay the foundation for a successful SEO campaign

Your competition is way ahead of you in the search engines

You want to unlock your websites true potential

Getting to the top of the search results depends heavily on how well the search engines trust your site, and how easily they can read and index your content. If anything is blocking them from being able to do so, your ranking is going to suffer. The first step of every audit, is to identify where you currently stand with the search engines. Think of your rankings with the search engines, like a relationship. You have to constantly invest in that relationship for it to work. To start, we will identify what kinds of issues are holding you back. We will evaluate your content, competitors, backlinks, and more to formulate a plan that sets your website up for success.

Once we have identified the pain points, we start to organize our work. We want to be thoughtful and pragmatic about our approach. Not everything is a priority. If we treat everything as if it is, we will not achieve the sustained results we are really after. Long game here. In this phase we will evaluate every task that needs to be completed. We will grade each task in order of its importance. a

In this phase we will  systematically work through our task list in order of priority to make sure that no stone is left unturned. We we check and recheck everything we are doing to ensure the Search engines are responding well to our adjustments.

What’s Included in an Upfire SEO audit?

Upfire SEO Audits include a full breakdown of where your site is currently situated as it relates to SEO. We will evaluate your website from a very technical level. We will comb through your entire backlink profile, isolate toxic links, and uncover broken links. We will evaluate content quality, gain valuable insights from key competitors, benchmark current rankings, and uncover areas where you can make major improvements. Our audits are designed to help both you and us understand how we can set your websites sail for success.

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