Choosing an SEO Agency

29 December 2022

SEO can give your business a competitive advantage by improving your online presence and expanding your potential market. You need a reliable national SEO agency like UpFireSEO to improve your website ranking on search engines. Here are tips for choosing the right SEO agency:

Consider a Company’s Range of Services 

Different businesses need varying SEO services to improve their web presence. Some only need minor tweaks like implementing backlink strategies, and others require a complete site overhaul. Assess the services offered by your potential company to determine if they can meet your needs. 

UpFireSEO is ideal for businesses requiring anything from minor page adjustments to total page improvements. We can conduct an SEO audit to identify issues with your site and develop a plan to fix them. Our plan may include services like keyword research, on-site SEO, and link-building. We also offer expert site migration to reduce the negative impacts on your rankings when moving your site. No SEO problem is too big for us to handle. 

Assess a Company’s Past Performance 

Companies can easily present themselves as reliable partners through their marketing campaigns. You need to look beyond a company’s marketing tactics and assess its past projects. Check their past clients’ website performance to determine if the company’s SEO practices are effective. This helps you to hire an experienced company that can meet your SEO needs, potentially enhancing your satisfaction. 

At UpFireSEO, we let our track record speak for us. We’ve helped businesses across industries like e-commerce, health, and IT surpass their SEO goals. With us, Northern Star IT, a tech support company, has realized an 1800% and 1600% increase in web traffic and online leads. To achieve these results, we created a customized SEO plan, focusing on landing page optimization, keyword research, and geo-focused content creation, as these were the areas the company needed help with. We can also create a unique plan for your business, depending on your current situation. 

Evaluate an Agency’s SEO Process

A reliable agency will have a tried-and-tested SEO execution process to guide your campaign. SEO agencies develop these processes from their experiences working with various clients. Asking for a process breakdown can give you a peek into how your chosen company intends to help you achieve your goals. 

UpFireSEO implements a six-step process to deliver quality SEO results. We conduct keyword research to identify keywords that would be appropriate for your products and services. We then conduct an external and internal site analysis to help us determine how we can improve your website. Our team then creates content for your site, builds links to enhance its authoritativeness, and generates reports to keep you on top of site improvements. This process has helped us improve our clients’ web presence. 

Assess a Company’s SEO Practices 

Your website may not see improved results if your agency implements black hat SEO practices. You need to determine if your chosen company follows search engine regulations to avoid penalties that could affect your visibility. 

UpFireSEO keeps track of search engine regulations to protect our clients. We know how detrimental keyword stuffing can be, so we focus more on keyword quality than quantity. Our SEO practices may help clients achieve long-term results. 

Consider Whether an Agency Guarantees Rankings 

A reliable agency will not make promises, guaranteeing a specific spot on search engine rankings. Rankings are dynamic, and SEO agencies have no control over them. Be wary about agencies that offer guaranteed SEO services, as they might impact your business.

At UpFireSEO, we understand search engines warn against SEO guarantees. We assess businesses’ unique situations, target markets, and goals and create plans to improve their online presence. Your ranking may naturally improve with our white hat SEO processes. We believe that transparency and honesty from the beginning are key to a fruitful working relationship. 

Determine Whether a Company Measures Its Performance 

Reliable SEO agencies measure metrics like ranking, site visits, and leads to assess their performance. Accept companies that offer reports on these metrics to know whether you’re getting value for your money. 

We offer our clients monthly one-on-one reports on their SEO campaigns to gauge performance. Our reports contain details on all relevant performance indicators. You can view extensive reports covering all the aspects of your SEO campaign or request digestible ones providing an overview of your campaign. 

Your Reliable National SEO Agency 

The right national SEO agency can help your brand improve its online presence. A reliable agency will have a tried-and-tested SEO process and implement the best SEO practices to enhance your website’s visibility without compromising your relationship with search engines.

UpFireSEO can help you strategically position your business in the national market. We use real-world data to make decisions and improve your web presence. Contact us today for an SEO proposal that can upgrade your business.

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