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How We Achieved 1600 Percent Increase in Sales and Leads for Northern Star IT

Northern Star IT

Northern Star IT is a company that provides information technology support services to businesses, managing their IT infrastructure. The company has a rich history and a client base that has been with them for more than 15 years – despite the overwhelming choices in the IT market. Northern Star IT prides itself on being able to keep up with the latest innovations and helping their clients enormously through IT. Services are offered remotely and on-site.

The Challenge

Northern Star IT was super-interested in increasing its search engine visibility. Because the business serves customers from all parts of the globe, SEO was a great fit yet presented numerous challenges.

The organization wanted to increase its website conversion rate by attracting more higher-quality or qualified traffic from Google. However, since they offer many complex services, they experienced difficulty in driving the right users to pages. The company would be targeting keywords globally, which also meant increased competition.

The Solution

Upfire developed and executed an effective SEO plan, pairing aggressive digital footprint optimization with a geo-focused content strategy.


Landing Pages

Upfire stepped in and custom-tailored an ongoing SEO strategy to enhance Northern Star IT’s web presence and make the business more authoritative in its space. We conducted a comprehensive website audit to identify the pages performing well on search engines and those that are not. Our analysis provided key insights on which areas of the business could benefit most from SEO.


Technical issues

Through keyword research, we identified search terms that were perfect targets for Northern Star IT. These keywords comprised of commercial investigational, transactional, informational, and navigational terms. Our team put together a content strategy based on select keywords and began publishing evergreen content on a consistent basis.


Data & Local

We also optimized metadata and structured data to help rankings as well as offer search engine algorithms a lot more detail about the brand. Plus, we ensured all activities, including content was in alignment with the company’s business objectives. For example, we did not create local listings for every one of their locations because that would hinder rankings on a global scale. Northern Star IT served companies globally.

All of the above actions yielded almost immediate improvements on the website’s rankings and organic click-through rates as measured in Google Search Console.

The Results

Northern Star IT has seen significant increases in visibility – an 1800 percent increase in website traffic, a 1200 percent rise in page one rankings, and 1600 percent gains in online leads. We continue to assist the organization with meeting its goals through SEO.

1800% 🔥

SEO boosted organic traffic by


Page-one rankings increased by


Map pack listings rose by

All of these gains occurred within six months, and we continue to help the company drive sustainable, long-term growth.

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