When Should I Hire a National SEO Company?

31 July 2022

SEO is vital for the success of every commercial website as it entails optimizing the website for search engines. If you’re looking to hire a national SEO company, UpFire SEO is here to help. We are a national SEO agency dedicated to helping clients strategically position their brands to reach their target audience. Here are three instances when hiring a reputable national SEO agency is the best thing to do:

1.    You Seek To Reach a Global Market

National SEO involves targeting an audience from the national market, which covers a larger geographical area than a local town. SEO falls into two main categories; national SEO and local SEO. Local SEO optimizes your website for audiences from a specific geographical area, such as a town. The optimization involves using location-based keywords, such as names of the local cities and phrases like “nearby” and “near me.”

National SEO may target an audience from a country or worldwide users. When you need to attract customers from the global market, you’ll face more competition from other businesses worldwide. You need a national SEO agency specializing in optimizing websites, companies, and brands for the national audience. UpFire SEO uses ethical and proven SEO practices customized to position your business for your customers.

We can help you get indexed and rank highly for competitive keywords. Our National SEO experts approach optimization objectively, with measurable targets. We’ll evaluate your website or help you design one if you’re a new business. The SEO team will then work with you to build a strong online presence and align your brand with your target customers. Most companies we work with seek to dominate global/national markets.

2.    You Want To Rank Highly On Google

Ranking top of search engine result pages (SERPs) is the goal of all SEO efforts. Local SEO ranks you highly for local searches or in specific geographical locations. National SEO ranks your sites highly for location-free searches and keywords. UpFire can help you ascend Google ranking organically to reach your targets. All businesses aim to appear top of the list for specific keywords their customers use to find services.

At UpFire, we focus on positioning the business as a reputable and reliable brand. Our techniques are all white hat and designed to result in natural growth and longevity. We’ll find out where you currently rank on national searches and create custom strategies to advance your positions up the list. Our SEO specialists are experts at improving website ranking through content strategy, link building, UX, SEM, SMM, and other techniques.

We’re the team to call if you seek improvements in search engine ranking and organic traffic. UpFire SEO can also help you resolve dwindling traffic and ranking to maintain a position of authority among your audience. SEO keeps advancing, so we keep tabs on the best practices and emerging optimization techniques. Our team will set objectives with actionable strategies and measurements to keep your business on the first page of SERPs.

3.    You Want To Audit & Improve SEO Results

Working with a local SEO company can help you reach the local market. When targeting national customers, you need experts who specialize in optimizing for a wide range of keywords and search patterns. Every SEO begins with a comprehensive analysis of your current efforts and results. UpFire offers SEO audits to help you understand why you have the current results. Our audits also reveal areas that need improvement to reach your goals.

An audit examines all aspects encapsulating national SEO, including keyword use, links, content quality, on-page and off-page optimization, and user experience. We also review your marketing/advertising efforts, including PPC, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and more. Optimizing for the national market involves covering all bases to compete with the best businesses from different regions. Our SEO audits come with recommendations.

You can make little changes and improvements to offer your audience the best experience. Our team will also help you improve other aspects of your online presence to ensure your website is easily accessible. We aim to strengthen SERP positions and user experience while reducing bounce rates. The goal is to attract the ideal audience and get more people to spend more time on your website. UpFire also prides itself in seeing your business succeed.

Other Reasons for Engaging a National SEO Company

Hiring a national SEO company has many other benefits that your company may be seeking. Working with the experts saves time on SEO, drives organic traffic, and gives you a competitive chance against other businesses. You can hire an SEO company if Google isn’t indexing your pages/website or when planning a migration or redesign. A national SEO company will also help you reverse a manual action and get the results you want from your strategies and efforts.

UpFire SEO provides comprehensive search engine optimization services, including local and national SEO. Our teams focus on strategically optimizing your brand, website, and online presence for the global audience. We’re passionate about delivering the results promised to our clients and have measurable objectives for each project. Our goal is to utilize ethical and effective practices that yield your desired results. We also keep you thoroughly informed.

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