What To Look For in a National SEO Agency

17 July 2023

In order to meet your client acquisition goals, you may want the help of an SEO agency to work with. Here are a few things to consider as you look for and research a national SEO agency: 


Every agency may quote a different budget to achieve your goals. Make sure your budget aligns with the agency before you spend too much time doing your research. National budgets are a lot higher than if you are targeting a local service area. Competitiveness is another variable when picking a budget as well.  

Develop and Define Goals

Be cautious about over-promising agencies. There are many that will say anything to close the deal. While no one can guarantee rankings, they should guarantee that they will do the work needed to achieve your goals. Whitehat methods may take longer to achieve goals than black hat tricks, but you will avoid being penalized when Google catches you.

Clear Reporting

Ask for reporting examples from their other clients. Determine if the reports are clear and easy to read. Reports should include work items completed with results. Your ultimate goal is to get more customers. Reports that show the flow from the bottom up and help you understand the process. Metrics start with keyword rankings as the first goal. From there, impressions from organic then CTR(click-through rate) from search results.

Some Agencies will have online reporting and supplemented reports from their SEO Specialists. You should also be looking at Website analytics and Google search console to determine success.

Specific Customization

A quality SEO company can provide your business with customized strategies. Strategies can be based on your business goals, target audience, and your competition. Look for an agent that takes the time to understand your goals. Find an SEO company that creates strategies from the ground up to make sure that they meet each one of your objectives. By customizing your content strategy to meet national SEO factors, an SEO company can ensure you’re meeting your goals with each step. 

SEO Specialist

Effective communication is key for a successful partnership with a national SEO agency. You will be assigned an SEO Specialist or Account Manager; both titles can be used interchangeably. You will want to ensure that this person is a good fit for you as you will work closely together. You will want, at the minimum monthly one-on-one meetings, if not weekly. These meetings are an opportunity for you to ask questions and get clarification on Strategy.

Understand the Process  

Each Agency will have a process for onboarding a new client and ongoing fulfillment strategies. Make sure you are informed of how their process works. There should be backup account managers to assist you at any time when your primary manager is unavailable. Also, how does the monthly workflow work?  


You can expect Search engines to update their algorithms regularly. The number of Google updates to their algorithm happens several times a year. An SEO agency should consistently verify that its SEO practices are continuing to be effective and adjust accordingly.

UpFire for Your National SEO Agency 

You can browse our case studies related to your industry to assure yourself of our experience. We offer industry knowledge, direct communication, transparent reporting, customization, and other services. Contact UpFire SEO to learn more about how our SEO services can help you reach your national audience goals.

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