Top Strategies to Employ With a National SEO Agency

20 March 2023

National SEOs can improve your site’s visibility and give you access to a broader audience. Find a reliable and reputable national SEO agency to enhance your brand recognition. UPFire SEO can position your brand to reach your desired target audience by employing proven SEO strategies.

Here are some strategies to use when working with national SEO agencies to improve your outcomes. 

Set Clear Goals 

Define your SEO campaign’s goals to make sure you’re on the same page with your SEO agency. Your goals might include things like increasing your site traffic, generating more leads, and boosting your search engine ranking. Communicating what you want can help your chosen SEO agency create a customized strategy to achieve your goals. 

We assign a dedicated SEO manager to all our clients to make sure our strategies align with each client’s objectives and business. Your SEO manager can study your business and discuss your goals before the contract starts.

Conduct a Comprehensive SEO Audit 

Before improving your SEO strategy, find out what’s working and what’s not. Ask your agency to conduct an in-depth site audit, assessing factors like your content, site structure, and backlinks. This assessment can reveal areas needing improvement. 

With UpFire SEO, you can rest assured you’ll get an exhaustive website audit. Our SEO experts spend quality time assessing clients’ sites to determine where they stand before developing SEO strategies. After our audit, you’ll receive reports on your site’s loading speed, technical issues, and content quality. We can also conduct a competitor analysis to determine what your competitors are doing and if their search engine rankings are better than yours. After assessing your site, we’ll develop a roadmap detailing what needs improvement in the order of importance.

Optimize Your Site’s Structure 

You will want to optimize your site’s structure as it can determine how well you rank in search engine results pages. Your chosen agency can help by using proper page titles, URLs, and meta descriptions. They can also help you create a sitemap that makes it easy for search engines to index your website. 

UpFire SEO can be an excellent choice for site optimization as we keep up with the latest SEO practices. We optimize your site by improving the metadata and speed to enhance users’ experiences. Page titles and descriptions can improve your SEO ranking by giving search engines the information they need to assess your pages for relevance to searchers’ queries. 

Conduct a Keyword Search

Keywords are vital for any SEO strategy as they can lead searchers to your site. Ask your chosen agency to conduct keyword searches to help you identify phrases and terms your target audience uses when searching for your services. 

Consider using a combination of long-tail and broad keywords for optimal results. Long-tail keywords are long phrases clients may use when specifically looking for a product or service you offer. They have fewer searches than broad keywords and are less competitive. Broad keywords are shorter terms or phrases that may be directly or indirectly related to your products or services. They have more searches and are more competitive than long-tail keywords. 

UpFire SEO focuses on providing quality keywords. We assess numerous sources to find keywords that align with our clients’ goals and compete favorably on search engines. You can evaluate your keyword progression through our client dashboard to know how well your keywords are performing at any time. 

Create Valuable Content 

High-quality content can help attract and maintain potential clients. Ask your agency to help create content relevant to your products and services. The content should address your client’s pain points or answer questions they may have about your products and services.

We have a team of qualified, experienced content writers who can deliver relevant and engaging content for your site. The team can incorporate valuable keywords into the content to make it easier for clients to find. 

Develop Backlinks 

Quality backlinks can improve your site’s authority and credibility in search engines and visitors’ eyes. Ask your national SEO agency to help you build backlinks from reputable sources that can drive traffic to your site. 

At UpFire, we build backlinks for our clients through link submissions, outreach, and content marketing. With link submissions, we send clients’ pages to credible sites, which review and publish them if they meet their standards. Outreach involves collaborating with reputable sites. 

We can also create free content for the sites in exchange for backlinks. Our content marketing strategy entails creating quality content that can attract linkers organically. After assessing your goals and how fast you want to meet them, we can determine the most appropriate approach for you. 

A Leading National SEO Agency 

The right national SEO agency can improve your website to enhance your visibility and attract potential clients. Be specific about your goals and needs from the beginning for optimal results.

UpFire SEO can help you meet your SEO objectives by developing customized strategies after evaluating your business and current website. Our dedicated SEO managers will make sure our strategies align with your objectives throughout our working relationship. They can provide regular reports to keep you informed and give you peace of mind. Contact us to push your website to the national scale. 

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