The Anatomy of a Great SEO

20 January 2021

What makes a good SEO consultant or expert? SEOs have plenty of specialist knowledge in their field, but anyone could technically call themselves an SEO if they wanted to. Whether you’re looking for an SEO expert to help you with your search engine optimization or you’re someone looking to improve their own SEO skills, understanding what goes into good SEO practice is where you need to start. What knowledge should a great SEO have? What experience should they have, and how should they demonstrate it? Not every SEO is going to be the same, but there are definitely some top qualities you’ll want to look for when you’re trying to find the right person or people to work with or if you’re trying to turn yourself into a respected SEO.

Experience in the Industry

There might be some benefits to working with someone who’s still a little green behind the ears. One of the advantages might be saving some money compared to someone who’s more seasoned. But an SEO who is still learning might not be your top pick if you want to make sure you have someone who knows what they’re doing. However, if you want to check someone’s experience and knowledge, the number of years they’ve been in SEO isn’t the only thing to consider. Check out their portfolio of work and any case studies, testimonials, and reviews that they might have from past clients.

Knowledge of Different Types of SEO

The three key parts of SEO – technical, on-page, and off-page – are all important elements that come together to produce results. A good SEO needs to have all three of these things in their toolbox to make sure that they can provide a fully-dimensional SEO strategy. Of course, they might focus on one particular area or service, but they should still have good knowledge of the other parts of SEO. SEOs should be able to look at the bigger picture and determine what needs to be done to improve a website’s SEO, whether they’re delivering a specific service or completing a complete SEO overhaul.

Up-to-date Knowledge

SEO develops faster than you might think. Before you can ask where SEO is headed next, you’ll find that there are five new things that you should be doing to stay ahead of the curve. A great SEO needs to spend time researching and reading up on the latest trends and changes, learning from others in the industry, and developing their skills and knowledge. Anyone looking for the right SEO expert might check that their knowledge is up to date by asking them questions or by checking out the resources they have on their websites, such as case studies, blog posts, or guides that offer useful SEO tips.

Understanding of SEO for Different Industries and Markets

A different approach to SEO can be required for different industries, as well as for different markets and business sizes. Finding an SEO expert or company that has a good knowledge of different industries can help you to make sure you have someone who understands your business. Of course, you can also look for someone who specifically has knowledge of and experience with your industry. SEOs sometimes choose to specialize in one or two specific industries so they can really become familiar with the ins and outs of how they work and how to deliver great SEO.

Wider Digital Marketing Knowledge

Any good SEO expert needs to know all about SEO, but that’s not the only thing that might matter when it comes to providing a good service. It’s also helpful if they have a wider knowledge of digital marketing so that they understand where SEO fits in with the greater scheme of things. When they know about how SEO can work together with other digital marketing channels, such as social media and PPC advertising, it expands their ability to deliver an amazing SEO service.

Good Communication Skills

Being a great SEO isn’t all about technical skills and knowledge. It’s also important to be able to communicate well with SEO experts. They need to be able to explain things in language that’s understandable to someone who doesn’t have a lot of SEO knowledge. They need to respond quickly to any queries or contact so clients aren’t left hanging. Clients will often comment on communication skills when leaving reviews, making it clear whether it’s something SEO experts are good at.

A great SEO needs to be well-rounded. Their specialist subject might be search engine optimization, but they should have a wider knowledge too.

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