National SEO: Why Keywords Matter

7 October 2022

SEO can drive your business to success but without keyword research, your SEO campaign could flop. This is why choosing a reputable national SEO agency is key to the success of your business. UpFire SEO uses a keyword research approach to create the best possible SEO campaign. Here is how we do it: 

Keyword Research

At UpFire, we prioritize keyword research. The intent of keyword research is to draw customers to your website when they search certain words and phrases. We want each and every person that visits your website to have the true intent to use your services. This means that the quality of our keyword research is higher but the volume of traffic may seem lower.

We find keywords that will give you more revenue than others. To track how each keyword is doing, we benchmark every single one. If you partner with us, you will know exactly where you rank from the first day you work with us. As a client, you will have access to a dashboard that allows you to see how you are ranking and what progress you are making.  

How Does UpFire Find the Right Keyword? 

Here are the steps we take to make sure that you are getting the best keywords for your business and SEO campaign: 

1. Building Our Case: After we find the right keywords for your website, we look at them more closely. We analyze the keywords for current rankings, market trends, and competition per month. We do this to create a plan that will drive users with higher intent to your website. 

2. Scalable Practices: We use scalable keywords to make sure that there is a continuous progression of the keyword entry over time. SEO is not a quick fix, and because of this keywords need to last. Our keyword research, along with the rest of the campaign, is meant to assist your business for a long time.

3. The Halo Effect: At UpFire, we use what is called the Halo Effect. This practice creates content that is optimizing several related keywords at the same time. This increases your business’s chances of being clicked on while also boosting your website exposure. 

Keywords matter when creating your SEO campaign because the better your result matches are the more traffic and customers you can receive. 

Other Components of a National SEO Campaign

Besides keyword research, here are other aspects that will help boost your SEO coverage: 

Link Building

Linking building is highly influential when it comes to a proper SEO campaign. When your website has the correct backlinks, it sends a message to search engines that you are trustworthy. To build this credibility, your website needs to be linked to other sites that are similar to yours.

Search engines rely on link portfolios to create trust between their users and themselves. To create the most successful backlinks we follow these steps: 

  • Outreach Customization: At UpFire, we find high-quality links for your business. We go through the proper channels to find that your goals as a business are aligned with the links we provide and find. 
  • Acquire Editorial Links: We search high and low to find you the proper backlinks and editorial links. These types of links are found or earned organically, and because of this, they are higher on the importance scale to search engines. When we use high-quality content and SEO strategies, we are able to find these lines more easily.
  • Creation of Backlinks: Our team can create any backlink that is needed for your SEO campaign strategy. We create links such as web 2.0, local citations, and social profiles. 

Site Transfer

When going through an SEO campaign, you may want to revamp your entire website. This is a great strategy but can have negative side effects if not done properly. UpFire can assist you in achieving success during your site transfer. When partnering with us, you can get the site transfer you want without the loss of traffic or business revenue.

We can assist you in making improvements to your website while the transfer is taking place. Our team will help you fix broken links, combine similar pages, increase the quality of content, or even fix the structure of your website. 

There are many ways to implement a solid SEO campaign. A national SEO agency can show you the way to gain more success within your business with SEO. 

National SEO Agency: UpFire

At UpFire SEO, we want to watch your business grow and thrive through SEO. We understand that SEO campaigns take a lot of time and effort in order to make true lasting results. Once we create the perfect campaign for your business, you can watch the progress take place and contact your account manager with any questions or concerns. With the expertise and assistance of a national SEO agency, you can increase traffic, authority, and brand awareness for your business.

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