How is National SEO Different from Local SEO?

10 October 2022

If you’re looking to be number 1 across the nation in your industry, you’ll want to work with a national SEO company. Depending on the size of the company and the nature of the campaign, SEO strategies can be implemented in different ways. If you aren’t sure whether you need national or local SEO, here’s some information that may help you decide. Either way, UpFire SEO is a good fit for your company because we know how to impact your business on both levels.

Understanding SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about being found online when people search for you. Google, along with other search engines, has its own algorithms to get businesses to be listed on the first page of search results.

Your goal is to be in that first or second place, or at least on the first page, to have the best accessibility to your potential customers. UpFire SEO can help you optimize your website for the search engines and for the people you are trying to reach.

Companies and Their Customers

A company that needs local SEO aims to attract customers in the same city, county, or state as its main location. Customers will be shopping locally, so they want a business within driving distance. These businesses usually have a physical location, and customers often visit them in person. The company still benefits from an SEO-optimized online presence, since most customers do their research online before going to the business in person.

On the other hand, National SEO is designed to attract customers from all over the country. Companies that need national SEO are usually focused on online selling, which allows their customer base to be anywhere. They may or may not have a brick-and-mortar location, but most of their sales are generated online.

The Competition

One of the major differences between gaining customers through national and local SEO is the number of other businesses competing for the same customers. For a company that needs local SEO, their competition is other similar businesses within the same area. Take your local ice cream shop, for instance. It probably only has a few competitors. There may be another local shop or a national chain that sells ice cream.

A business that needs national SEO has dozens or even hundreds of competitors. Their competition may be in the same city or state, or it could be across the country. The business may not even know who their competition is, though they probably have an idea of the closest-ranking competitor.

The Strategy

The strategy for national and local SEO is similar: rank above competition, whether that’s one company or 100 companies. UpFire SEO will optimize your business listing for local SEO, so that your company name, phone number, and address are the same across all listings, so your customers can find you.

We’ll also build additional listings to improve the way your business performs in local searches. We use the search relevance of your physical location to make it easier for potential customers to find you.

Many companies that need national exposure are selling goods. These eCommerce businesses often need their product listings optimized on search engines. You want to be seen as the leading provider of the product.

We optimize your web pages so the search algorithms can understand the purpose of each one. Included in this process is optimizing the URLs, meta tags, and images to help improve search visibility. It’s even more difficult to get to the top of the search page when you’re competing with hundreds of other businesses.

Page One in Search Results With a National SEO Company

Whether you’re a local ice cream shop or a major eCommerce retailer, one thing is the same with both national SEO and local SEO. Your business needs to be found on the first page. Most people who are searching for information won’t go past the first page. If your business isn’t found on those few results, it will likely get forgotten.

The key difference is in how many competitors are vying for the same spots. In a small town, you’re likely going to be on the first page right next to your competitor. In a larger city, you may have a bit of a challenge getting on the first page. At the national level, you need a solid SEO strategy to put you in the view of your intended audience.

Get Help Being Found by a National SEO Company

UpFire SEO uses a data-driven approach for SEO strategies to help you get found by the customers you want to attract. We give you the edge over your competitors to not only get on the first page but to be at the top. We’ll help you build your online presence while utilizing your physical location to achieve the results you are looking for.

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