How can I do SEO for my home business?

2 December 2021

You are probably wondering, can my home business compete in Search with all the big companies out there? Yes it can, and the answer is E.A.T.(Expertise, Authority and Trust). E.A.T. can help you with national SEO or local SEO to improve your search performance and compete with national brands. 

Create Quality Content

Whether you are running a service business or an e-commerce store, creating unique content that informs will establish you as an expert. Content could be in the form of a product page, landing page or a blog.

There are two ways people search for products and services over the internet. One way is when they search for the service itself. For example, “virtual assistance services”. The other way is to search for tips and advice, “how to hire a virtual assistant”, or “best place to hire a virtual assistant” and several other questions surrounding the topic.

If you run a virtual assistant business, you can write content on the popular searches people type in. This way, when they search, your blog post shows up. 

To rank, however, you need to give in-depth information for all the products you offer. Make your content pieces helpful to whoever finds them. Search for popular keywords using Google Keyword Planner for the best content strategy and make content around those keywords. Add the keywords in your posts naturally and only when needed.

Link Building

Link building is about adding Authority to your site.  It is like a popularity contest.  The more votes you receive in the form of links, the better your site and webpages are in the eyes of Google.

There are three types of links; internal links, external links and inbound links. Link building itself is all about acquiring inbound links. Before we discuss that, let’s start with the first two links and the general idea of adding links.

Google interprets the use of links as a trust flow roadmap. If a webpage creates a link to another page, a certain amount of trust will flow from the parent page to the linked page.

The first type of links are internal links. These are links that lead to other pages of your website. Linking to other site pages shows search engines the value of your other pages. 

External links (outbound links) are links that redirect visitors to other authoritative websites. When you share information from authority sites and create a link to that site, search engines take note of that and reward you. You show that you have researched the content and want to provide your visitors value.

Finally, we have inbound links which are popularly referred to as backlinks. Backlinks are links coming from other sites to yours. If a site links you, then trust will flow from the external site to your webpage. The more sites that link to you, the better your chances are of ranking. 

Core Web Vitals

Google introduced this metric to reward websites that give their users a better user experience. How easy is it to navigate your site and how quickly does your site load?  Even with good content and link building, if you don’t optimize your website for core web vitals, then your chances of ranking go down.

Core web vitals revolve around usability and comprise three specific page speed and user interaction measurements: largest contentful paint, first input delay, and cumulative layout shift. 

Largest Contentful Paint(LCP) is how long it takes a page to load for a user. It is the time from clicking on a link to seeing the majority of the content on-screen.

Google’s second Core Web Vital: First Input Delay(FID). FID measures the time it takes for a user to be able to interact with your page.  This could be clicking on the menu or site navigation.  It could even be filling out a form.

The third Core Web Vital: Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). CLS is how stable a page is as it loads. If elements on your page move around as the page loads, then you’ve got a high CLS, which is bad.


Make your site pages mobile responsive. Most people are now browsing using their mobile phones. Today’s phones are bigger, more powerful and have faster internet than ever before. All your pages should be able to resize according to whichever screen size your site visitor has. Not just phones, even tablets and watches. 


Finally, make your site interface easily navigable. Coordinate your colors properly, use visible call to action buttons and divide your pages into sections for easier reading. Have your navigation bar (or menu) clear and visible to the readers. Make use of the sticky feature for menus and other criticle buttons on your site. 

If a site visitor can seamlessly browse your website without feeling lost or frustrated, then the user experience is on point and your pages will rank.

Get National SEO Services from Pros

While successful SEO can be financially rewarding, it can be very confusing and time-consuming. Doing it by yourself while trying to run your business may take time from your clients.

SEO also takes time; don’t expect all your pages to rank immediately. Knowing what you need and being able to do it right are two separate things.  Have an expert work on your SEO and then you can focus on running your business.

Are you ready to scale your business with national SEO? Contact the SEO experts at UpFireSEO today. 

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