Google Releases March 2024 Core Update

19 February 2024

Google continually makes adjustments to its algorithm, called Core updates. Sometimes the update is so big that Google will announce it in advance. Large core updates also take several weeks to deploy, causing a lot of fluctuations in Search. UpFireSEO is a national SEO agency that monitors these updates and how they will affect clients. Our strategies follow Google policies, so usually, no adjustment to our work is needed.

Helpful and Useful Content

This update primarily focuses on low-quality and AI content.  Google has always preached that they want helpful and useful content.  AI content created in bulk is neither helpful nor useful.  Rest assured, UpfireSEO does not use AI to create content.  We have a team of writers who follow this process.

  1. Research.  All topics are thoroughly researched for correctness
  2. Topics.  We write topics that will answer questions your customers may have.
  3. Quality control. The writer then reviews the content for correctness and quality
  4. 2nd Quality control. The content is sent to another team to again review the content for quality, correctness, and usefulness.

Spam Update

In addition to Google’s core update, Google also released a spam update.  Google has called out very specific spam that they are targeting.

Private Blog Networks

Google has been targeting websites created by one company designed to create links with low-quality content. These networks can have upwards of over 10k websites.  They are easy to identify as they have no search value and all look the same.  UpfireSEO provides a backlink audit designed to disavow these links to your site to prevent any penalties Google may give your website for using these networks.

At UpFireSEO, we only use Google-approved methods for creating authority through backlinks. We create human-written, helpful, and useful content and publish it on relevant news sites.

Expired domain abuse

One trick of a PBN(private blog network) is to buy expired domains to try and keep the value the website may have had. This has been a tactic for a long time and even though Google has advised to not do this, many still do.  Google is now taking a harder look at this type of practice.

Scaled content abuse

Again, this targets low-quality content, such as AI content.  Even though many say, well, we edit AI content, it doesn’t change the fact that the original content was neither helpful nor useful for anyone.  In Google’s own words, “We can take action on scaled content abuse as needed, no matter whether content is produced through automation, human efforts, or some combination of human and automated processes.”

Site reputation abuse

What this means is that an educational site has a page about ‘best Casinos’ or non-relevant information to manipulate search engines. This page is also duplicated across other non-relevant websites. 

UpFireSEO, a National SEO Agency

We at UpFireSEO welcome Google core and spam updates. We follow Google’s best practices. Google’s E.E.A.T. methodology is a great resource on SEO. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our Services and Processes.

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