E-commerce SEO: Tips and Tricks To Boost Your Online Sales

15 May 2023

If your business is in e-commerce, you want to bring in more online sales with your website. Since you can gain customers from all over the world, you need a national SEO company to help you increase your visibility to potential leads. Here at UpFire SEO, we offer some tips and tricks to help you increase your sales.

Schedule an Online Audit

Our first recommendation is an audit of your site. When you find out what is and what isn’t working, you know what you need to change and improve. Our SEO audit analyzes how each page ranks now with the search engines and how it can improve by implementing an SEO strategy.

We provide an in-depth look at your website, including backlinks, content quality, and competitor comparisons. Our team pays attention to how fast your pages load since that can determine if a visitor will continue through the purchase process. We make sure that each page is optimized for search engines and that the checkout process is smooth. 

We get technical with our analysis, but we’ll break it down to help you understand what’s needed to see improvements. A complete audit can be the most influential step toward improving your online presence and increasing sales. 

Use Keywords Relevant to Your Business

To help customers find your e-commerce business when they’re searching for the products you sell, you need to rank for specific keywords. Make sure your keywords are relevant to your business. As an e-commerce business, your competition is global, which makes choosing the right keywords even more difficult. 

The right keywords increase traffic to your website, which can convert to leads and sales. You’ll need to optimize the keywords for each of your products to gain notice from Google and Amazon, among other search engines. 

UpFire SEO focuses on choosing high-quality and relevant keywords over volume. Our goal is to drive the right kind of traffic to your products, converting visitors into customers. 

Build Strong Links

With e-commerce sites, links become a direct line to sales. Backlinks should come from authoritative sites, such as verified reviews of the products. Search engines view links as votes for the website. The more links that you have, the more search engines can trust your site. 

Not all links are created equal when it comes to driving traffic. Our team analyzes sites that link to your product or website to determine their value. We work to get the right kind of links that establish the credibility of your business. We help your site establish connections with other websites that can sustain your search ranking long-term. 

Create Quality Content

When a customer is researching a product, your content can draw them to your product. Whether it’s a product description, a landing page, or a blog post, it should answer their questions. Your content should explain what the product is, what it does, why they should buy it, and any other information they should understand before purchasing. 

Search engines look at content to see if it’s relevant and beneficial to users. As you provide information to help customers with their decisions, search engines reward your site as an established authority. 

Content increases your visibility online and improves brand awareness. Poor-quality or outdated content can hurt your reputation while high-quality content can increase your ranking. We’ll let you know when your content can be improved or when it’s on target for your audience. 

Cross-sell to Customers

You can boost your sales by letting customers know about other products in addition to the ones they are purchasing. You’ve probably seen the pages that have a section that says, “Other customers also purchased” followed by a list of compatible items. These other items may be purchased along with or instead of the product the person is looking at. They may be add-ons that aren’t required but enhance the benefits of the original product. 

This strategy elevates your site by encouraging customers to look at other products that they are likely to buy. You can increase your sales by enticing customers to make impromptu purchases. From an SEO standpoint, it also adds internal links from one page to another to increase authority. We can analyze your pages and let you know if your links are effective and if your cross-selling strategy is successful.

UpFire: Your National SEO Company

UpFire SEO uses white-hat SEO strategies to help you increase your online presence and improve sales. With sites that rank on page one of search results getting the most notice, you want a company that can help improve your ranking to boost sales. A strong SEO campaign is the best approach to gaining online traction as an e-commerce business. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll show you how UpFire SEO can help you improve your national SEO strategy and increase revenue.

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