Content Marketing: How To Create SEO-Friendly Content That Ranks

12 April 2023

High-quality and optimized content can attract organic traffic to your website. At UpFire, we offer national SEO services to help increase your rankings on search engines. We use search engine optimization tactics and strategies for prospects to find you. Here are ways to create SEO-friendly content that ranks highly:

Conduct Keyword Search

Keywords are relevant words or phrases customers use to search for your products or services. Relevant keywords can boost your brand’s visibility online and enable it to rank better on search engines. Our SEO experts can analyze keywords based on your competition, current rankings, and market trends.

We go through search data from multiple sources so that they align with your business goals. Our experts perform a keyword search for words that can drive more users to your site and boost revenue. We have a client dashboard where you can review your keyword progression.

Add Internal and External Links

Internal links are a form of on-page SEO that direct readers to related content on your site. External links are off-page SEO that takes users to relevant and reputable websites. By using external links, you can build website trust and authority, which are necessary for ranking.

Our SEO experts can identify high-quality backlinks to help you increase visibility and brand awareness. We can place internal links on your content to enhance on-page relevancy. When you add internal and external links to your site, your page can be perceived as a credible reference.

Write and Optimize Quality Content

Genuine and compelling content can help you draw more readers to your website. Write informative content that resonates with your users. You can write about the benefits and features of your products and services. Quality content can keep customers longer on your page, boosting your ranking.

Our team of experienced content writers can create engaging content depending on your target audience. We can optimize content using attention-grabbing headlines, images, and HTML tags. We can also update existing content to become relevant to the dynamic search engine algorithms.

Request SEO Audit

An SEO audit can determine whether your current SEO strategies are working or not. Our experts can check your page loading speed, domain authority, and mobile friendliness. We can also review your content to see if it’s SEO-friendly or not.

The page loading speed can determine the ranking on search engines. If your page loads faster, customers can learn more about your business instead of leaving your page. We can work on your page loading speed and other technical issues to increase your bounce rate. Domain authority shows how your website ranks on search engines like Google. The right inbound and outbound links can boost your domain authority.

Get Reliable National SEO Services

You can get reliable national SEO services ranging from keyword search and link building to SEO audits. Qualified content writers at UpFire can write informative and relevant content to draw organic traffic. We can customize SEO strategies based on your marketing needs to help you connect to customers across the United States.

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